Bridge Design is one of the top services SJCA offers. With a staff that has completed over 100 bridges, our team offers expertise in new structure design, replacements and rehabilitations.


SR 57 over White River – Greene County

This 11.4 million dollar bridge replacement included SJCA’s knowledgeable team completing the design and management of the project. The bridge replacement project included combining the river and overflow structures into one structure.

SR 5

Bridge Rehabilitation on SR 5 over Eel River in Whitley County

SJCA provided the design for the rehabilitation of the historic bridge carrying SR 5 over the Eel River in South Whitley, IN. Since this structure is on the select list for historically significant bridges, the bridge rail and sidewalk brackets were designed to match the existing appearance. The existing ornamental bridge lights were also removed and reset on top of the new bridge rail. 

Bridge Replacement - I-74 over US 231

Bridge Rehabilitation on I-74 over US 231 in Montgomery County

SJCA provided the design for the replacement of the existing superstructure on I-74 over US 231 with a four-span continuous reinforced concrete slab bridge. The project had several unique items compared to typical superstructure replacement.  SJCA used XPS foam cores inside the slab to reduce the weight of the superstructure.  Traffic was maintained by phased construction utilizing temporary crossovers.

Bridge Replacement - Ditch Rd

Bridge Replacement on Ditch Road over I-465 in Marion County

The replacement structure is a two-span prestressed concrete bulb-tee beam bridge and a clear roadway of 24’ with a 7’ sidewalk along the east side and a 10’ multi-use path along the west side. The bridge spans were sized to accommodate future added travel lanes on I-465. SJCA’s design approach also included the use of MSE wall abutments to shorten the spans and reduce the change in the profile grade.