Our right-of-way engineering team boasts numerous licensed professional land surveyors that complete over 520 parcels per year. Our approach adds value and efficiency to any project assigned, saving the client time and money.

Right-of-Way - SR 57 Bridge Replacement

SR 57 Bridge Replacement - Greene County, IN

The SJCA team provided right‐of‐way engineering and staking for 14 parcels for the S.R. 57 Bridge over the White River project. The project included two parcels with no tax identification, which SJCA researched back to the late 1840’s. In addition, it included an area that was the former Wabash & Erie Canal as well as an abandoned railroad. The reacquisition of existing right‐of‐way was required on this project because grants were dated 1939 and not recorded until 1975.

Right-of-Way - US 27 Roadway Rehabilitation

US 27 Roadway Rehabilitation – Allen County, IN

This project consisted of the completion of right‐of‐way engineering and staking for 59 parcels for the US 27 roadway rehabilitation and signal modernization project. Title research and right-of-way engineering were completed in two months. In order to meet the deadline, a staged delivery framework was established between SJCA and the client that enabled the project to complete appraising as quickly as possible.

Right-of-Way - US 20 Roadway Reconstruction

US 20 Roadway Reconstruction – LaGrange County, IN

SJCA provided right‐of‐way engineering and staking services for 25 parcels for the U.S. 20 roadway reconstruction and signal modernization. This project had a tight, one month deadline. We had to build a relationship with Utility Coordination in the search for an easement location. We immediately identified to the utility coordinator that the force main was outside of the taking.