Our Site Development personnel have extensive and diverse experience in providing consulting and design services for public and private development organizations. SJCA’s Site Development Department is experienced in providing services for residential subdivisions, multi-family complexes, continuing care retirement communities, business and industrial parks, office complexes, manufacturing facilities, recreational facilities and parks.

Site-Civil Engineering - 63rd Place

63rd Place Drainage Improvements – Indianapolis, IN

SJCA provided services for drainage improvements and pavement reconstruction that included new curbs, curb ramps and adjacent impervious concrete pavers with subsurface perforated pipe. The project also included full depth HMA pavement to replace the existing deteriorated pavement and improve drainage by restoring the pavement cross slope. Traffic was maintained throughout construction by converting these residential streets into temporary one way roadways and constructing streets half at a time.

Site-Civil - FedEx

FedEx Distribution Building Expansion – Kokomo, IN

The SJCA Civil Engineering team completed a regional dry-detention facility for the FedEx Distribution building expansion project. This project was designed to control excessive stormwater runoff from the project site and off-site drainage area.

Site-Civil Engineering - Forte Mixed-Use

Forte Mixed-Use Building

SJCA prepared the plans, specifications and calculations for an underground stormwater detention and infiltration basin to reduce discharge amounts in CSO area.